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Rise and Shine: Where to Find the Perfect Breakfast in Peachtree City

Step into the enchanting world of Peachtree City, where the crisp morning air is laced with the inviting fragrance of homemade French toast and the allure of Benedict dishes. Tucked away in The Avenue, Friends Table stands as an undiscovered gem, quietly waiting to be the go-to spot for breakfast enthusiasts. Join us as we uncover why we are hailed as one of the premier breakfast restaurants in Peachtree City.

A Benedict for Every Taste

At Friends Table, culinary innovation and flavor converge, and the Benedict reigns supreme. Boasting a diverse repertoire of 10 distinct styles, our head chef introduces monthly variations, infusing creativity into every plate. Experience our top-selling fried chicken Benedict, adorned with a homemade jalapeno cheese sauce. For a refreshing twist, relish the fried green Benedict paired with our meticulously crafted avocado hollandaise sauce. We promise a culinary adventure where each bite is a unique, enjoyable, and undeniably delicious experience.

Beyond the Plate: Discover What Else Awaits at Our Culinary Haven

Award-Winning Flavors

Our journey continues with the French toast – hailed by many as the best in town. It’s not just about the bread; it’s about the homemade batter, the French cream, and the syrup that together create a symphony of flavors. And for those who crave something a little different, our ricotta pancakes have not only won awards but also the hearts of all who’ve tasted them.

Catering to Your Breakfast Needs

Beyond our restaurant in Peachtree City, breakfast magic is brought to you with off-site catering. From fresh-baked pastries and fruit trays to hearty breakfast sandwiches, a memorable feast is ensured for every event.

A Toast to Mornings in Peachtree City

Our carefully curated beverage selection rivals the excellence of our menu. Indulge in the town’s favorite Loaded Bloody Marys and Mimosa pitchers, with unbeatable prices on Mimosa Mondays – $5 for a glass and $20 for a pitcher.

Indulge in Breakfast Excellence

Friends Table, the ultimate breakfast restaurant in Peachtree City,  invites you to kickstart your day with a burst of culinary excellence. Whether you’re a Benedict aficionado, a French toast enthusiast, or a pancake lover, our menu promises something special for every palate. Don’t miss the chance to make your breakfast an extraordinary experience!

Join the Conversation

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